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This is a "fundraiser T" if you will.
While I'm still open, things are dead slow at the shop.
My clients are all affected directly, which then trickles it's way down to me.
No shows, No events, Businesses closing, Jobs lost, etc.
Almost anyone and everyone is being affected.
Due to this, the need for orders of printed apparel isn't the first thing on anyone's list.

I'm a small business. I'm self employed.
There's no check coming in, there's no unemployment.
No work means no money for the shop.
I'm not asking for donations or handouts.
Instead, Buy this sick shirt & help me keep moving along during this mess.

Buying one of these bad boys helps support myself & Modest Merch.
Which I appreciate from the bottom of my heart!

Trying to keep the press spinning and keep churning out prints.

Art/Design by Nina Flomp - (@flompflomp )
Tattoo Artist based in Chicago @ Studio One Tattoo!

Hand Printed with love on 100% Cotton White T-shirts.
3 color front print - 5 color back print.